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Tim Peterson, the former owner of Peterson Pet Provisions has stooped to a new low. Flush with selling his company to Animal Supply, he is at it again...and now he's got money to burn.

Peterson is notorious for signing exclusivity agreements with manufacturers of pet products and forcing small pet retailers to order directly through him and then deal with his unscrupulous business practices.

What would you do with the millions of dollars you just received from selling your business? How about starting another pet supply distributor company in Colorado (see: and then how about starting a new retail pet supply company to compete with all of the retailers that you are forcing to buy from you. (see:

Then, because your ego is so huge that you don't care about rubbing it in our faces, how about sending out press releases to inform us about it:

Luckily, as a small pet retailer, I do have a choice and I urge you to have a choice too. QUIT ORDERING FROM PETERSON. He is only out for himself and now it shows!

Or stop by his businesses and let him personally know how you feel about this.

Natural Pet Specialties

2234 117th Ave #106 – 107

Greeley, CO 80634

970 339 3491

Natural Pet Marketplace

2234 117th Ave,

Greeley, CO 80634

Phone: (855) 465-3751

Review about: Pet Supply.



Proud natural pet marketplace customer,

Natural pet marketplaces are fabulous family owned and operated stores(his sons are heavily involved).They are also absolutely beautiful stores that are stocked to the ceiling.

If you haven't been in one I would suggest checking it out.There is nothing stoping other stores from doing what natural pet marketplace is doing.

Greeley, Colorado, United States #654806

POSTED BY: Terri Johnston


First if this person would have done their home work.. YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SPELLED THE NAME WRONG !!! Petersen.. not Peterson.. and unless you were there to see what Mr. Petersen signed then you do not have the right to bad mouth him or slander him!! Tim Petersen was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has worked his butt off for every success he has... Maybe if you would work as hard as Mr. Petersen then you could quit bad mouthing him because you are jealous/ hostile... Mr. Petersen goes out of his way to help others.. YOU SHOULD STOP TRYING TO HURT HIS BUSINESS AND WORK ON BUILDING YOUR OWN !! If you really believe all the bad stuff you are saying then you would have used your name... SO QUIT BEING JEALOUS OF ANOTHER PERSON'S SUCCESS...

I buy from Natural Pet Marketplace and love the store. :p

to TerriJohnston #702832

so if you were to own a pet store and had to buy products from him that you cannot get anywhere else and then he opened a store next to yours and sold the same product for $5 less than you, you wouldn't see a problem with that? Good thing you are not in business for yourself.

to TerriJohnston Denver, Colorado, United States #704094

You are happy because you buy from his retail store.What you are missing is the unethical nature of him having retail stores in the markets that his distributorship (a separate company)sells in.

So basically if I had a store down the street from him and had to buy product from his distributorship to stock my store and then he opens a retail store that his distributorship stocks at distributor prices (better than wholesale that we get) how do we ever compete.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #636422

Why did this "pissed" person not give his name?If you are going to complain about someone have the guts to give your name.

I buy from Natural Pet Marketplace and love the store. The prices are very reasonable and the store is well stocked.

I am glad to have the store available to me.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #605438

I say this is what Ameica is all about! I think he sold to an investment group first. They in turn sold to Animal Supply.

He was out of the market for 3 or 4 years as owner of distributorship. If I could do it I would and so would most


He may have millions but he is doing what he knows and does well.

All seems like a good businessman to me.


i regret your dist problem.i got out a few yrs ago (computers) due to a bad dist.

is there a good brand to buy for my cat here in austin? tiki cat?



I for one am so happy that he is back in business.Their prices are always lowest and their staff and customer service is the best.

This seems like a personal attack on Tim Petersen because the letter is infactual. Let me set the record straight...

Tim Petersen never sold the company to Animal Supply, he sold it New West Capital Partners who sold it to Animal Supply a few years later.I am a very happy customer and am glad to do business with Tim again.

to Happy Customer Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #649266

We all know Tim is an ***. I do agree with the Retail person not to support him. He has inferior product and the customer service sucks , at his store and from his sales Reps.

to Happy Customer #702842

no one seems to understand that he is cheapest because he buys at distributor prices, then distributes the product to retailers at wholesale prices and then competes with the very people he sells to by opening retail stores right down the street and undercuts them. Of course he is cheaper.

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